Biomass assessment, gasification and conditioning

A wide spectrum of biomass feedstock available in Europe will be assessed and tested for bio-syngas production and compatibility with solid oxide fuel cells, tar removal and hot gas cleaning and conditioning.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) Tests

The benchmarking of kinetics, performance and durability of SOFC cells will be carried out in order to optimize the cells response to the characteristics of the bio-syngas obtained from different types of biomass.

Modeling and pilot design

The design and implementation of the modifications on gasification and conditioning will be performed at pilot scale.

System integration

After the modelling and design the overall thermal system integration and the coupling of the gasifier with the cleaning system and the SOFC, will be realized.

Real environment performance tests

The whole integrated system will be tested in a real industrial environment and monitored for performance, risk and safety analysis.

Techno-economic, social and environmental assessment

Feasibility studies will be developed to quantify the impacts and to deploy the best alternatives for cost-efficient small and medium-scale biomass CHP, with increased resource efficiency and positive socio-economic impact.

Dissemination Communication and Exploitation

A detailed market assessment and efficient business strategies for the successful implementation and replication of the BLAZE CHP system will be carried out, as well as a plan to promote knowledge-sharing among the most relevant stakeholders, media and citizens.