The forum  on small-medium scale Biomass CHP systems for European stakeholders

A spin-off of the prohects BLAZE and Smart CHP

What is BIOCOGEN 2030? 

BIOCOGEN-2030 is an open network arising from the experience of the
BLAZE and Smart CHP projects, it aims to:
  • Gathering stakeholders active in the field of biomass CHP systems
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Promotion of innovative Biomass-CHP technologies and solutions
  • Debate forum

Focus areas

Meetings, workshops and dissemination activities will be focussed on:

  •  biomass characterization and suitability 
  • process developments;
  • market assessment; 
  • standardisation issues, non-tech barriers and solutions to overcome. 

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Giulio Poggiaroni, European Biomass Industry Association

James Ling, Greenovate! Europe