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What is BLAZE?  
Blaze is an Horizon 2020 project realizing a Biomass Low cost Advanced Zero Emission small-to-medium scale integrated gasifier fuel cell combined heat and power plant
The BLAZE project is progressing smoothly and although the problems arising from the COVID-19 situation, project partners are actively working to realize the project goals

Here are the main achievements obtained so far: 

Assessment of promising syngas compositions and associated contaminant levels for SOFCs, based on an extensive literature study

Selection of the two most promising biomass feedstocks, suitable for power generation with SOFCs, after gasification with a BFB gasifier and high temperature gas cleaning, and following after a screening of 10 samples and 5 mixtures of potential biomass feedstocks  [check the deliverable];

Determination of gas cleaning strategies which revealed the most promising primary and secondary sorbents to reduce sulphur and chlorine bearing compounds in the syngas, as well as catalysts to be applied within a secondary tar reformer; 

Mechanistic behaviour and long-term stability of the SOFCs operated with relevant syngas compositions (on-going);

Literature review to select bio-syngas representative organic and inorganic contaminants for button cell and short-stack SOFC tests;

In order to deeply understand the impact of sufficiently cleaned BFB gasifier gas on the SOFC performance (both on single cell level and short-stack level), prior to testing the pilot-plant;

Assessment of different plant designs (pilot plant + commercial), based on plant simulations;

Realization of the of the pilot-plant (on-going), focusing on efficiency optimisation, and including gas recirculation with a steam-driven microturbine;

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One year and a half of BIOCOGEN 2030
Back in April 2020, the projects BLAZE and Smart CHP were launching the BIOCOGEN 2030 platform. Since then, we have successfully organized four online events discussing various aspects  of small scale cogeneration from biomass sources. We have met and discussed with people from all over Europe and discovered new technological solutions. This effort will continue in the next months, stay tuned!
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No.815284