On the 7th December 2021, the platform BIOCOGNE 2030 organized a new webinar focussing on cogeneration systems utilizing biomass residues as feedstock.


The event saw the participation of two distinguished external guests. Alexandra Tudoroiu (COGEN Europe), who gave an insightful overview on the role that cogeneration has within the Fit for 55 strategy and pathways.
Michał Długosz (Bioenergy Europe) who focussed more on the specific role of bioenergy in the decarbonization pathways.

After the initial presentatons it was the time for the BIOCOGEN 2030 founding partners (BLAZE and SmartCHP projects) to present. Nicola Rovelli (ENERECO) presented the BLAZE project while Athanase Vafeas (Dowel Innovation) presented Smart CHP. After these two last presentations, the panel exchanged feedback and comments on the topics addressed.


Cogeneration in the Fit for 55 strategy – A. Tudoroiu (COGEN Europe)

Bioenergy in the Fit for 55 strategy – M. Długosz (Bioenergy Europe)

Practical applications: the BLAZE case – N. Rovelli (Enereco)

Practical applications: the SmartCHP case – A. Vafeas (Dowel Innovation)