On the 6th of June 2023, BLAZE partners gathered in Bologna (IT) to attend the 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition.

Here, the Dissemination partner EUBIA and ETA Florence set up a final project event that saw the participation of the sister project Smart CHP, as well as a new Horizon Europ project developing a new Micro CHP turbine: Fit4Micro.

This venue was also the occasion to conclude the activities of the BIOCOGEN 2030 platform, a joint initiative launched by BLAZE and SmartCHP in 2020.

Here below you can download the presentations and see the picture from the event.

Enrico Bocci (USGM): Overview of the BLAZE project

Donatella Barisano (ENEA): Biomass availability and suitability for the plant

Andrea di Carlo (UNIVAQ): The BLAZE gasifier

Jan Pieter Ouweltjes (Solydera): SOFC power production from BFB producer gas

Xinyi Wei (EPFL): Techno-economic and environmental assessment

Nicola Rovelli (ENERECO): Market potential and applications for CHP systems

Bert Van de Beld (B.T.G. Biomass Technology Group): Cogenerating a renewable future, the Smart CHP project

Michel Delanaye (MITIS): Clean and efficient micro CHCP the Fit4Micro project by microturbine based systems

Professor Bocci presenting the BLAZE project
The intervention from Jan Pieter Ouweltjes
A moment of the Q&A part
Xinyi Wei during her intervention