A new international presentation for the BLAZE project.

Last week, Professor Enrico Bocci from the University “Guglielmo Marconi” presented the BLAZE project before an international audience during the European Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition 2019.

This annual conference is a prestigious forum where researchers, scientists and experts gather to discuss the state of the art of Fuel Cell technologies, but also provide short, medium and long-term visions on research and development in this field, as well as on market opportunities, global policies and future energy scenarios.

Professor Bocci presented how the BLAZE system (which relies on the integration of a biomass fluidized bed gasifier and a solid-oxide fuel cell) will function and how households and public authorities could benefit from the low-cost energy produced by such small to medium scale combined heat and power generator powered by residual low cost biomass.

Such outstanding targets can be achieved by the technology development undertaken in this project that allows to convert low cost fuel to high quality gas (high hydrogen content and almost zero contaminants), by the currently launched SOFC mass-production (cost projection ≈ 2,000 €/kWe) that have outstanding efficiency conversion and by the actual market penetration (and so reduced cost and increased reliability) of small-to-medium scale fluidised bed gasifiers integrating hot gas conditioning and fully automated operation.

Here you can find the link to the presentation