On the 9th June 2020, the BIOCOGEN 2030 platform has held its first webinar as part of a long series of activities scheduled for the coming months.

BIOCOGEN 2030 is a joint initiative launched by the BLAZE and Smart CHP projects and aims at gathering stakeholders active in the field of cogeneration from biomass.

The webinar of the 9th June was the chance to kick start our activities and enlarge the BIOCOGEN 2030 community. During the webinar, Hans Korteweg from COGEN Europe gave an overview on the status of cogeneration in the EU, with particular focus on bioenergy. He was then followed by Professor Enrico Bocci and Bert Van de Beld who presented the BLAZE and Smart CHP projects. Giulio Poggiaroni from EUBIA then gave the audience a detailed presentation on BIOCOGEN 2030, its aim and its planned activities.

Down below you can download presetations from the speakers

Cogeneration in Europe & role of small-medium scale biomass systems, Hans Korteweg – COGEN Europe

BLAZE project (www.blazeproject.eu), Enrico Bocci – University “Guglielmo Marconi”, Rome

SmartCHP project (www.smartchp.eu), Bert van de Beld – BTG Biomass Technology Group

BIOCOGEN 2030 stakeholder platform, Giulio Poggiaroni – EUBIA